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Privacy Promise

Tree Solutions Arboriculture are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. We will only collect, store and use your personal information to process your “order”. We will not sell your data and only share your personal data in accordance with the General Data Regulation Protection 2018 and other appropriate laws. You may contact Tree Solutions Arboriculture at any time with any privacy queries or concerns and to see the personal data you have given us and request modification and/or removal.

Tree Solutions Arboriculture Platforms:
The Tree Solutions Arboriculture Platforms are the website and associated email addresses, and accounts.

For the avoidance of doubt Tree Solutions Arboriculture defines an order as a request for services.

Your usage of 'The Tree Solutions Arboriculture Platforms' and any disclosure of personal information via 'The Tree Solutions Arboriculture Platforms' signifies your consent to us collecting and using personal information about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your information
When you place an ‘order’ with Tree Solutions Arboriculture, we ask for data such as your name, phone number, postal address and e-mail address for communication and processing your order purposes. Tree Solutions Arboriculture keeps a record of this information on our server and within Instagram and/or Facebook messenger services depending on how the original request for services was made. We keep a record of any communication with us so we can help to deal with any enquiries or problems you may have in the future and for HMRC accounts preparation.  If you would like to review the data you have provided to us because you feel that what we presently have on record is incorrect, and/or you would like your data erased from our records, you can so do by contacting us using the email address

How we use your personal data
All the data we gather via 'The Tree Solutions Arboriculture Platforms' or through communication with you is used to operate the service we offer you. We are dedicated to using your personal data only for: processing the “order” requested by you correctly.

How we protect data
We take every precaution to safeguard your information. All personal data stored by Tree Solutions Arboriculture on a password protected computer, is kept in a secure environment.

We do not accept credit card payments nor do we keep customer bank details on file. Whilst we do on occasion accept cheques, BACS payment is our preferred method. Only authorised Tree Solutions Personnel have access to the financial operations and hereby any associated personal identifiable data.

Tree Solutions Arboriculture deems the information maintained within Facebook and Instagram is minimal, and the responsibility for keeping customers data in compliance lies with them.
For more information, please see
Facebook’s Privacy policy 
Instagram's Privacy policy 

Tree Solutions Arboriculture believes this meets the GDPR standard and agrees to maintain this compliant business model. If you have questions about your personal data or our privacy policy or to see all the information, we have about you, and to correct any inaccuracies, please contact us at

Changes to privacy promise
We reserve the right to amend our privacy promise, whilst keeping it within all appropriate legislation and guidelines. We will do all we can to ensure that these pages show the most up to date information at all times, and may notify you of such changes by uploading the revised privacy promise on 'The Tree Solutions Arboriculture Platforms'.

Our cookie policy
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What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file which is downloaded and stored on your computer or mobile device by websites that you visit. Your browser accesses the cookie file only when you visit the website that produced it. This helps to ease your navigation by automatically logging you in and remembering things like your preferences and what’s in your shopping basket. The information stored within any given cookie can only be accessed by the website that created it and cookies are limited to communicating only the information that you have disclosed to the site. Find out more about these here:

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